Nova Bus unveils its new, long-range 100% electric LFSe+ bus in the North American market

2021年10月27日 事件
Nova Bus unveils its new, long-range 100% electric LFSe+ bus in the North American market

纽约,2021年10月27日 ——Nova Bus, a member of the Volvo Group and a leading North American transit bus manufacturer, is proud to unveil for the first time in North America its new 100% electric, long-range dual charging bus: the LFSe+, at the 纽约 Public Transit Association conference in Albany, 纽约.  Our new LFSe+ is the result of the perfect combination between Nova Bus proven expertise and the latest, 清洁和可持续技术, all while maintaining the proven reliability of our LFS platform.

“We are very excited to physically unveil our LFSe+ in our home State of 纽约 and mark an important moment in the history of Nova Bus,马丁·拉罗斯说, 新星巴士总裁. “We are taking another big step in the evolution of zero emission transportation, and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it. All of our buses use the LFS platform and are built with the finest expertise and workmanship of our colleagues based in Plattsburgh.”

Powered with up to 564 kWh on onboard energy, the LFSe+ will soon be in the streets of several cities across America, 包括布鲁姆县, 在纽约州. The positive market response to the new LFSe+ is another proof that Nova Bus expertise pairing with the latest, 清洁和可持续技术 is a response to today’s needs.

“Nova Bus is making Plattsburgh the hub for electric bus production for the U.S. market and it’s exciting that they are showcasing one of their innovative LFSe+ buses in Albany for all of 纽约’s transit operators and policy makers to see first-hand,N说。.Y.S. 议员维. 比利。琼斯. “I am pleased to sponsor the work of the North Country Chamber of Commerce and its NAmTrans subsidiary in support of this major development in bus production, and to have brought Assembly leaders to Nova Bus for briefings and tours, including Speaker Heastie and Transportation Chair Magnarelli. I will continue to help boost this major manufacturing opportunity for 纽约 in every way I can. Congratulations to Nova Bus and its partners!”

“新星巴士是世界级的, 运输的领袖, providing customers in metro areas the best of quality and advanced technology,参议员丹·斯特克说.  “I could not be more proud to represent this excellent company and its highly-skilled workforce at the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Plattsburgh and I have no doubt that its LFSe+ electric buses will garner a lot of positive attention at Tuesday’s public transit expo in Albany.”

The new LFSe+ integrates the proven electric drive motor and next generation power electronics from BAE Systems, which uses advanced materials such as silicon carbide to improve heat management. The lower weight and increased power density of the BAE Systems technology also contribute to bus performance and durability. Powered by an integrated modular system, the electric drive motor significantly decreases maintenance costs and emits no greenhouse gas emissions.

Nova Bus is committed to always improving our product and processes to reduce pollution and waste in every aspect of our business, and the LFSe+ is our latest demonstration of that commitment.


关于Nova Bus LFSe+模型

Designed on the proven LFS platform, the Nova Bus LFSe+ features a propulsion system that emits no GHG emissions and offers a better user experience through quieter and smoother driving. The fast and fully automatic recharging component of the batteries maintains a high level of efficiency. The Nova Bus LFSe has distinguished itself in all circumstances and events with all possible weather conditions in North America.


关于Nova Bus

Nova Bus is a leading provider of sustainable transportation solutions in North America. Its portfolio includes electric and hybrid buses, high-capacity vehicles and integrated intelligent transport systems. As part of its Electro Mobility strategy, Nova Bus is moving forward with the electrification of key vehicle components to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. mg游戏app是沃尔沃集团的一部分.

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